The Politics of OER

And here’s a 25-minute video (it’ll probably run slightly longer in person) of my Honors Lecture I’ll be delivering this evening about the “Politics of #OER” where I consider what I’ve learned from each of the constituencies, after setting the scene with those Trustee meeting slides I presented this morning: 

“Why OER?” video

I made a ten-minute video for my faculty colleagues at Bemidji State University, to answer the question many are asking as I begin advocating for open learning on campus. Incorporates some of the data from the latest Florida survey I wrote about yesterday, especially the part about required textbooks going unused.

Setting up Hypothesis

I just made a short video to introduce my students to Hypothesis. I’ll be using it for annotation and discussion in all my online and in-person courses this fall. After they’ve watched the video, I have the students create an account, follow a link I provide to the private group I’ve set up for each section, install the plugin in their browser, and leave at least one comment on the course syllabus. Here’s the video: